Zone 3 Advance Wetsuit - AW22 - Black - mens - Small

Zone 3 Advance Wetsuit The Advance Wetsuit has long been recognised as the undisputed best entry-level wetsuit on the market. Building upon these already lofty foundation blocks, the latest edition of the Advance takes another huge step forward. Constructed using Yamamoto 39 SCS Free-Flex shoulder panels, the wetsuit is able to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient swim. Yamamoto 39 has been used within the Zone 3 Advance Wetsuit to provide an abundance of warmth, flexibility and speed. Coated with aqua dynamic SCS, the Yamamoto neoprene creates less drag through the water and prevents absorption, this avoids excess weight in the wetsuit and allows you to achieve faster times. Yamamoto is also highly flexible and works to retain heat in the water. By keeping you warmer for longer, the wetsuit helps to reduce body fatigue and improves performances over time. The Yamamoto neoprene is also derived from limestone as opposed to petroleum which is more environmentally friendly. The neoprene enables a higher elbow position in the water and providing an unrestricted range of movement through each stroke. The focus on ensuring maximum flexibility means you can conserve energy and minimise the risk of shoulder injuries. 4mm buoyancy panels on the legs provide incredible core support ensuring you naturally become more streamlined, helping you to swim faster without increasing effort. The 4mm buoyancy profile ensures your feet always remain slightly higher than the rest of your body so you can achieve a more dynamic swim. With a 4mm buoyancy, you'll never get that sinking legs feeling as there is 4mm of buoyancy supporting your legs to keep you afloat. Within the fabric, an Aqua-X coating has been used to help minimise drag and increase speed throughout the water plus, smooth skin fabric is used to prevent water from permeating into the suit and weighing you down. The reduction of flatlock stitching prevents water entry and reduces the risks of chafing and irritation so you can go further for longer in complete comfort. A laser-cut collar construction provides a comfortable, soft-seal fit around the neck, and a great fit. Pro speed cuffs on the arms and legs were created using a specially formulated silicone coating which allows the wetsuit to come off extremely quickly, ensuring the quickest of transitions. As well a this, the raglan sleeve panel layout offers increased flexibility for greater stroke efficiency. The cuffs, ankle and arm graphics are also reflective allowing you to be seen easily when in the water, therefore increasing overall safety. Downwards YKK zippers make the suit easy to put on and take off, saving you vital time on any course. Lastly, this model is 16% lighter than the previous versions yet, it offers more buoyancy for enhanced performances.

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